It's not just a panel. It's a movement.

What is the No RFPs movement?

We believe that RFPs are bad for business. It's an outdated method that can no longer support our industry. An industry that thrives on innovation surely can work on a better process — a process that focuses on building fruitful client-vendor relationships.

Come on. RFPs aren't that bad. Are they?

If you're looking to purchase several tons of wood, an RFP is probably the best way to go about finding the best vendor for your project. When you're looking to hire vendors who offer a service that is more creative in nature, a cookie-cutter approach won't yield the best results. An RFP will only show you how good a vendor is at writing an RFP response, but won't necessarily yield the best vendor.

SXSW 2013 panel: Work Sucks, but Your RFP Doesn't Have To


Our top 10 tips for clients and vendors

RFP tips for clients

RFP tips for vendors

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